Pictures from BOBA by Sally Wallis

Hi There,

Hopefully Sally (Zande) wont mind me posting these gorgeous pictures she got of little Maya at BOBA on Sunday.

Shes looking lovely Jess. Sally certainly has a knack with the camera - is there no end to that womans talents?

Great pics, Maya looks lovely:D

Wonderful pics. Maya looks extremely pretty 🙂

Lovely pics Jess, Maya is really coming on.


She truly is a beauty..great picture..

Beautiful Maya!

Beautiful Tri girl! Not at all like my Ragamuffin Tri…..

Thanks everyone 😃

I think she is gorgeous, but i am totally biased!

the photos are lovely Jess and they do Maya justice. She is a fab wee basenji and quite talented too!


Maya is very pretty. Great picture of her walking.

Rita Jean

What a beautiful girl! 🙂

Beautiful photos Maya is so pretty

What a beautiful Tri. Love the walking pic.

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