Cool Basenji Bowl

I was surfing this evening and found this cool basenji bowl set.

Thats one lovely Bowl


Very coo, could I ask were you saw it?

I like that bowl even like the color.

Rita Jean

In the nineties I used to buy Basenji stuff like wood cuts, coffee cups, T shirts, etc. If I'd seen this back then it would have been a must have.

Here is the link to the bowl, it is available in 5 different colors and a number of different breeds. I was surprised to see one for the B, since it is a rare breed.


Very cool, thanks for the link..a little pricey maybe, but hey any way to make a buck or so..

I have seen that before and wanted a boxer and basenji one but wished they were not so expensive

I do like it but is just a little to much money but don't keep me from wanting one.

Rita Jean

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