Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

  • This dog was at the dog park yesterday. About 40-45 lbs, super fast and a fairly good temperament. Just very intent on retrieving and not really playing with any of the other dogs. Very intense blue eyes.

  • Houston

    again, gorgeous dog. He is only 40-45lbs? He looks can be deceiving I know, but doesn't he look to be close to 100 lbs?

  • That is a beautiful dog love the color of the nose and hair. Thank you for sharing this picture.

    Rita Jean

  • @Basenjimamma:

    again, gorgeous dog. He is only 40-45lbs? He looks can be deceiving I know, but doesn't he look to be close to 100 lbs?

    It's like a small Golden retriever. There was a Golden Retriever there that was very barky, obnoxious and gave Buddy a bad time when we first got there. The Duck Toller dog was quiet and just wanted to chase after the ball.

  • Houston

    Dan, I just googled for fun and found a breeder in Alabama that has this "is a Toller for you?" thingy on her website..and what's funny is that alot of the things she has on there sounds just like a Basenji..they scream, they have brains on their own, they do not listen to no, unless you motivate them, they have a huge prey drive, watch your cat and on and on..funny. I might need to get my hubby oine of these fellas. He "wants" a hunting dog, but I don't want a way. I am looking into Podengo as well, they are cool, too, but this one struck my fancy..

  • I am not found of Golden Retriever. At home growing up we had English Setter, Irish Setter and English Springer Spaniel had all three at same time. They were grand-dad's hunting dogs they all were loves good dogs. The Irish was my least favorite the other two it was a tie. The only bad thing would be if the English Springer Spaniel got out or loose he would come to school and you here Rita's dog is here. He would find my class come in and sit down by me.

    Rita Jean

  • They are pretty cool dogs…. but like the Aussie or Border C.. they need a job or they will find one for themselves and usually not what the owner would like...

  • They are very cool. I was considering adding one a while back…but can't get past the amount of hair...I really prefer short haired dogs 🙂

  • My brother in law calls them "Thomas Jefferson dogs"…because he thinks they look like a dog version of Thomas Jefferson?!?

  • Love the pic of the big Dog, he's lovely, never seen or heard of that breed.
    Rita Jean you have reminded me of a childhood memory. I grew up with a Samoyd, Ruskie. He used to escape from our back yard and come to pick me up at school. Sometimes the teacher would bring him in if it was near to home time and he would wait whilst we said prayers. I was a very shy child and was mortified by him 😃
    I know i've spelt Samoyd wrong but you get the idea 😃

  • Houston

    Well I showed it to my husband and he is hooked..bad. I am still considering adding another b or maybe a podengo one day..short hair is better, especially down here in houston..

  • The dog looks big in the photo but is medium size and it really catches your attention with those light blue eyes. He would chase the ball and Buddy would go after him. The dog's speed was something.

  • Tollers are really neat dogs, and not just scaled-down Goldens. But they do seem to be accelerating in popularity and I have heard about Tollers with less than stellar temperaments, so, as in the case of all breeds, if you're thinking about getting one, do your homework and make sure you meet several of the breeder's dogs before you decide.

    (An aside: I was doing a CU class and, since it was a smaller class, our last night we decided to take a "Field trip" and go to Big R, a local feed/farm store where dogs are allowed inside. I had a couple of cancellations that night, so our group consisted of my basenji, a toller and a hairless Chinese crested. It was strange to go out and have the most popular/well-known breed <gg>I'm usually the one with the oddball breed.)</gg>

  • Houston

    AgileBasenji, thanks for the info. I will keep that in mind if we decide to add one to our family..

  • I had a toller a few years ago. A wonderful breed, but in a terrible state here the quality is awful.

    I will post some pics of my toller tomorrow when im on my laptop 🙂

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