Gold Chesapeake Retriever Lincoln, AL

I'm at a truck stop at I-20, exit 165 Lincoln, AL. There is a gold Chesapeake Retriever bitch hanging around the truck stop. By the look of her breasts, she has pups right now. She appears to be a stray. I poured some of AJ's food on the ground for her. I couldn't get near her because she kept her distance when I whistled for her. She seems a little shy. She doesn't appear to be wearing a collar.
I wasn't sure where to post this, but if anyone knows a Retriever rescue in this area, please contact them. This was the only pic I could get of her.

Here's what I found searching. Can you call him?

Got an answering machine, sounds like he's selling pups, couldn't tell if it was a rescue. I'm not there anymore, but I'll try again later tonight or tomorrow. Thx 🙂

He's listed as a Chesapeake rescue volunteer in Alabama.

K. left a msg. gotta roll…load won't deliver itself. Thx again.:)

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