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    I was in Vancouver a few months ago and saw what I thought FOR SURE was a basenji. We followed it around from a distance and it acted exactly like my B-pulling at the leash, flipping about, sniffing everything/everyone in sight, and had the same temperament exactly as my B. We approached the owners after much enjoyment of watching what we thought was a B only to find out that it was a rat terrier! How could this be!? Exact same tail, red and white color, ears and wrinkly brow. I was shocked. I still secretly think they are confused and are in fact the owners of a B. hehe 🙂

  • We have two rat terriers that live around the corner from us. One is a Decker who looks like a tri with a docked tail, the other is the more typical sized type that we see so many of at the UKC shows. Many rat terrier people comment on how many basenjis traits the breed has because of the two tris used by Decker. They love seeing their basenji "cousins" and swapping stories.

  • Interesting! I love learning about new breeds that I haven't seen before.

  • When we were looking at schools for Jaycee we were told by serveral that if you could train a rat terrier you could train a B. Now I do not know since I have never owned a rat terrier. What do you think Ivoss since you have had B's for some time?

    Rita Jean

  • We have a friend with 2 sibling rat terriers. Henry is as big as my Eddie, tri colored with a mostly black body, looks very much like a basenji except for the docked tail. His sister Bella is very tiny, mostly white, shy, not a wild thing like Henry. But they both meld right into the basenji pack at the park. Smart with a stubborn streak, yep, I guess similar to a basenji…......

  • The ones I have met definately have some basenji traits. They also have lots of the terrier traits too. Of course basenjis were almost placed in the terrier group as the Congo Terrier so independence and persistence is sort of common to both.

  • Rat terriers are usually smaller than B's, and their tails don't do what our tails do. Also, from the owners of the ones I know, they seem to calm down and become quiet "people dogs" faster than the B's.

  • Mona Lisa had a Rat Terrier.

  • Nice picture.

    Rita Jean

  • I adore Rat Terriers and perhaps someday I may even own one. RT's come in 4 sizes; toy, miniature, standard, and a sub-strain called Decker or Decker Giant. The breed American Hairless Terriers are RT's that are completely hairless. Numerous breeds, including Basenjis, were used to create Rat Terriers with the Deckers perhaps having the heaviest concentration of Basenji blood. I have spoken to a couple of Decker breeders and some of these dogs do indeed yodel but much to the breeder's dismay, some inherited the infamous Basenji "scream" lol. One interesting thing is that although RT's have their tails docked, if left natural many curl up and into a loose "donut" or circle similar to a Basenji.

  • Thank you for all info on rat terriers I never knew they came in different sizes. My grandparents had a pair long before I was born they were my mother's Lady and Fanny were there names. They said when my mother did dishes she made them sit on kitchen chair and watch. My grandmother said they ride in front seat while my mother rode in back seat of the car.

    Does sound like they have several things like the Basenjis. That would be cool. Next time my daughter says I want a dog I just might tell her to get a rat terrier.

    Rita Jean

  • The little boy I adopted from MN, is not Basenji - he is a RT. The Humane Society listed him as a Basenji not knowing the difference. At first, I thought Rocky was a Basenji/RT mix, but I don't think so. Rocky looks so much like a Basenji he even fooled Rita Jean and me - he acts like a Basenji, altho his temperment is much more mellow. Rocky yodels once in a while and has a little tiny bark. As Rocky ages, I see more and more RT traits. His tail is not docked but curls like my Basenji girls.

    Will he ever grow into his ears!? :p

    DMcarthy said he looked like a mix, too, when she helped transport Rocky.

    If y'all recall, Rocky was purchased at a pet store in MN because a lady couldn't stand seeing him there day after day - she immediately took Rocky to the Humane Society to be placed for adoption. (The rescue worker at the humane society scolded the lady for doing such a thing because it gives more business to puppy mills that supply pet stores.)

  • There are some nice pictures of Decker Rat Terriers at.
    I was reading about them they are closer to a 50 lb dog.

    Rita Jean

  • Rocky weighs less than 20# and is almost a year old. He looks like the year old puppies on the Decker websites, altho his coloring is red and white.

    Rita - the site you listed won't open for me. I'm curious to see it.

  • Houston

    Wow, they look a lot like Basenjis, stockier no doubt and colors vary but if the colors are right and they are on the lean side, very basenji like indeed, in the looks, wonder if they are brainy like a B? Thanks for sharing that website Rita.

  • I can't tell you the number of times people thought my previous 2 Basenjis were Rat Terriers. "Are those Rat Terriers"? "No, they're Basenjis". Ba What?

  • Vicki go to goggle and type in seegmillersdeckerterriers and that should get you there. Do go and look at them.

    Rita Jean

  • They are beautiful dogs!

  • They are beautiful but I do not think I want one. I like Jaycee's size and I have seen her crazy times and love times no change for me. They are beautiful.

    Rita Jean

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