• I was watching a PBS special on asthma and allergies. The studies found that children exposed to dogs or farm animals since birth or at a very very young age have less asthma and allergies. Actually the exposure to manure like being on a farm, contain certain microbes that help with combating and fighting viruses that cause allergies and asthma. Having a dog or a pig is the best you can have when the baby is developing. Kids that are around a lot of other kids and playing in the dirt helps as well. So all these threads that we see here where a couple is dumping a Basenji because they're having a baby are not only hurting the Basenji but doing the baby a big disservice. I myself grew up with dogs (my Mother was a big dog lover) and played in the dirt all day long and I have no asthma or allergies.

  • Yes i have heard this theory ages ago Dan. I think Kids need to be exposed to a certain amount of germs/dirt that are part of everyday life otherwise they dont build immunity. Not that Basenjis are dirty anyway 🙂
    The woman next to us has banned her two cats from the house permanently and she uses her grandson as an excuse to justify the cats being out in all weathers and recieving no human attention unless they come into our house. Sorry to rant but it winds me up 😞

  • Houston

    I have heard the same thing and have always had pets, since I was a young girl in Sweden, so far no allergies for me, nor my kids..or husband for that matter, and he also grew up with lots of pets. I also believe that kids or should I saw humans that grow up with pets, tend to have more compassion for living things..at least in my circle of friends.

  • You can make this point till you are blue in the face (I agree wholeheartedly with it BTW) but many mothers now-a-days, especially in the US, are so ultra-paranoid about keeping their kids from all sorts of harm and disease that they no longer think logically. They don't accept this and its very unfortunate.

  • We are using too many heavy duty antibacterial cleaners too killing the good germs along the way. I went back to the natural cleaners for the most part.

  • That sure is true!

    I'm having Asthma my whole life, a normal asthma but also a completely animal allergy..
    Well when I grew up, it was very clear I would be around animals my whole life (animals are the most important thing in life) and I do have medications for that allergy but I never had as much oxygen as a normal person around animals.
    Now I'm 24 years old, live with three dogs, a cat, two birds and a rat inside my home…
    I have to say I always am a bit out of breath (believe me, you get used to that) but it's much better than many years ago..

    That's why I always have trouble with people that put away their animals so easy when someone has an allergy...

    And also here in Holland, mothers (and fathers) are way to far with cleaning their kids..
    When I was young, I played in the mud and ate a sandwich at the same time... Never was ill...

  • I agree totally. Kids nowadays dont get exposed to any sort of germs - i remember as a kid we used to run up and take a lick of the cows salt-lick block as a dare!

    Its not only germs - kids are so mollycoddled today - dont walk to school, dont play outside - no wonder some have trouble interacting with people.

  • You are right about interaction probs Scott, could be kids are placed too much in front of tv's, computers etc instead of having attention from parents (whew i'l get down from my soap box now,lol)
    I try to be understanding of people who dont like animals but feel more comfortable generaly with people who have pets. Probs because if they came to my house they would be more understanding of prt hairs, muddy paw marks etc.

  • Houston

    I so agree on everything said..it is a shame the kids are "protected" so much, if nothing else for their own sake, they will develope more sensitivities and get overweight to boot…protect my..you all know what.

  • I grew up with birds, hamsters, cats, dog, rabbits and we had hives of honey bees. Never anything wrong with me all my life even got lucky never stepped on a bee.
    My kids have cats, dogs, bird and my daughter never worn pretty little dress cause she would go right under a car with her dad and get grease all over her.
    Dirt and my son go hand in hand. They have been healthy.
    Now as far as walking to school I could not do that. Been far to many kids never got to school to many out there take kids. So my kids have never been allowed to walk to school. One mile there but anything could happen.
    People that usually do not want animals have there little fancy house and do not want the hair or the dirt. We have a friend who has three children just got a puppy about month ago poor puppy. Puppy got over gate in wash room and well had fun while they were at work. She just about lost it aniamls are better off without being that kind of home I told her so. Sad news her husband just went to work for Science Diet and they have a animal day once a month and they told him it was important they had a animal. He lied when got job and said he did. Now there is a puppy my heart really goes out to.

    Rita Jean

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