• MY b mix (basenji & whippet) is a great watchdog. She will growl and bark (she's mixed - she can bark & barooo) at someone she is unsure of… however, she does it incessantly EVEN after I tell her it is okay and to stop. It has become embarrassing to have her bark at neighbors, friends, and even an employee at the pet store. I know Basenjis are "aloof and cautious" but to be so unsure of someone, even people she has met previously seems odd to me. Anybody else have this experience? Any suggestions on how to make her understand when it's okay and she doesn't have to be so "cautious" and "protecting?"

  • I would be very interested in your replies, too, as I have a four year old border collie mix who still growls when my mom comes into our part of the house. She strides behind her, growling all the way. It seems to be friendly growling. She also barks at my brother who has been visiting every week for all her life! She likes him, but she always barks and puts her hair up when he first comes in. (she is part whippet, too.)

  • Please remember that your mixes have parts of other dogs also, so it is not just the Basenji part that is causing this…. Whippets are total barkers.. and a Border Collie is a totally intense breed. Could this be with both dogs that they are unsure of who is the leader and feel that you need to be protected?... even if people they know..? I would say this more about the B/Whippet mix then the Border Collie.... Your BCmix could just be "talking to your Mom?"

  • It's hard to make an assessment just by barking reactions alone…what else is the dog doing??

    Does she lick her lips? What about the eyes cold or soft?? Body posture stiff or fluid?? It all depends on what the whole dog is saying...

  • Is this only on the leash?

    I would suggest taking small stinky treats with you. When you see the behavior beginning, address your dog into a command without acknowledging hte behavior.

    If you hear the growlies, say "Look", when you get eye contact give a treat. Show the treat and ask for a SIT.

    Distraction is the key. Dont acknowledge the behavior. Go to a busy place and practice.

    The LOOK command is great in many uncomfortable situations. It is training for attention or eye contact. Once you get that you can remove them from the situation. You may want to begin with the really stinky treats if you feel like distraction may be hard.

  • Jack makes a perfect watchdog. But he can REALLY be over the top sometimes. He is VERY protective of me esp. more so than for my hubby. Which is good. My husband is in the Navy so, when hes on 24 hr. duty. Jack makes me feel safe. but…(hush hush) heres my problem...Jack is racist...REALLY. and its not funny, and i DONT know why...but its a fact, he is only growling and bearing teeth and putting his hair up on his back when non-white people are around. (even in groups of ten+ people, he will pick out the races...WHY!!??)

  • it is just socialization….my australian shepard was that way with men with facial hair because my dad and brother were always clean shaven....

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