• O.k so I have the crate but I still need a sort of time out…thing. So I was thinking of getting a baby gate (as per your very informant forum) but I don't have an assigned area. We were thinking of various places where we would put it so need a gate that can eaily be moved around, so an installing gate is out. Plus we'de like one that can go across the livingroom/diningroom hall..about 4-5ft wide. Any suggestions? This is really for the nipping problem especially when my daughter is home alone with him.

  • Jeffers has all kinds of gates and sizes the number is 1800 jeffers

  • When I wanted to give my dogs more space I got one of those doggie play pens. It gives them some space but keeps them crated and they can easily be together. They are pretty light so you can move them around. But I will warn you, my fear was that Dash would try to climb out and knock it on him self so we put it around a beam in the basement so if he did it couldn't hurt him. He never tried though….yet.:eek:
    The one we have is about 4 ft high and maybe 6 ft long??. It is just connected panels so you can add to it to get the legnth you want across an area or you can make it a circle for a play pen, as I have. I got it at PETCO for about $100. It was well worth it.

  • I guess I'll end up just getting a small pressure gate since the big ones have to be mounted, hence can't be moved around. I'll figure out what time out space I can designate for him. Some of thos gates have the criss cross shape and open bottom…hello have you never heard of BASENJI's?

  • My husband thinks the baby gate for our B is silly so I don't think i can talk him into the $100 playpen plus our B is too active, it won't be able to stay in place. I can see it already collapsing.

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