• We recently adopted what the rescue league labeled a Terrier/Dachshund mix. I wondered about the curly tail and wrinkled forehead, since they aren't traits of either, but she was very sweet and a good size - not too big, but not a tiny lap dog, either. After a day or so, I realized Corky was unlike any other dog I've owned. Although she's VERY intelligent (she takes maybe a day or two to learn a new command, as long as there's treats involved), she's anything but obedient. She's also very independent, and extremely energetic. I was curious about what breed she could be, so I started searching the internet. I'm pretty sure now that Corky is some type of Basenji mix (probably mixed with Dachshund and/or Rat Terrier). Since alot of her personality seems to come from the Basenji part of her, I'm hoping to find some helpful hints here. Whatever her "heritage", she is one of the most fun, rewarding challenges I've ever had.

  • Welcome can you post us a picture. Yes they are different never know whats going to happen next or when.

    Rita Jean

  • Here are a couple of pictures (I hope). She definitely has ears more like a Rat Terrier, and she's a little short to be pure Basenji.

  • Corky looks very cute but not really sure there is any Basenji it might be because of the body build so short. Wait and see what some of the others on here have to say I am no judge. Again Corky is so cute some how I think the name fits the dog.

    Rita Jean

  • I see rat terrier in Corky, but don't really see Basenji - very cute dog, whatever the breed(s)!

  • Thanks for posting a pic of Corky, he's cute.
    Welcome to the forum

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum, he is purky cute..I can't really tell one way or the other..

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