• Halo came to us at 8 mos of age in August 2009. We are so happy to have her and enjoy all the cuddling she loves to do! We are thrilled that she is (mostly) housebroken, and sits on command. She always acts hungry, and we are trying to figure out how much to feed her– she also tested positive for cocsidia, so we are dealing with that... She takes great advantage of our 3 year old and jumps to take food from him constantly-- off the table (she jumps right up!) or out of his hands. However, there does not seem to be an aggressive bone in her body. We have a crate and have never used one before Halo. She sleeps in there and is in there when we are not home or when I am working with clients out of my home... should her crate be where she can see us? In a room behind a closed door? At night she is quiet-- other times she cries for 20-30 minutes before sleeping. We tried the orka-- she chewed it! We have a kong and filling that with cheese whiz only helps till she finishes the cheese. So happy we found your site-- we have so many questions about our specific breed and think many answers will be here. Thanks for reading and any suggestions!

  • Try freezing the kong with the treats, it will last longer that way…. Mine were always crated in the bedroom... we didn't move the crates around.. always in the same place. Mine ate and slept in their crates, but we have a doggy room with a doggy door to the back yard, so they didn't need to be crated when we were not home.

    I believe that you need be careful you are not crating too much. If you have to crate during the day, then IMO, they should not be made to sleep in the crate at night...

    And as far as stealing food from the 3yr old... good luck on that one... I don't think I know of many dogs regardless of breed that would not try that trick... to easy of a mark... As far as the table, I gave a couple of suggestions on your other post.

  • Houston

    Welcome Halolover, nice to have you here. We love to see what your little bundle looks like, darling I am sure..

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to hear more stories and see some pictures of Halo!

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum 🙂

  • Welcome to our pack. It's going to be fun (;)) training both your basenji and your 3-year old. There are several training books and DVDs that you might want to check out (search this forum for books and you'll get several titles).

  • welcome here on the forum 🙂

  • Since you posted on your other post where you got your pup, do you know if the sire and dam were DNA tested for Fanconi or if Halo has been? Please learn about Basenji health concerns at www.basenjihealth.org

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