Welcome from the Henrys in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Randy and Georgia Henry in CF, Iowa. We adopted Franklin and Eleanor Apr. 2 from a foster in Des Moines. We were fortunate to get some background info on both dogs later on. It explained some of their behaviors, esp. Franklin.

Franklin is red/white; Eleanor is a tri. We are enjoying both and they are getting more used to us. We enjoy daily walks and visits to the dog park 3-4 times a week. They have also gone camping with us.

This is our 2nd set of basenjis; our first set, Joey and Sophie, broke us in.

Welcome Randy and Georgia. Thank you for having adopted Franklin and Eleanor. Nice you get to spend so much time with your new babies. Do we ever get broke in? Please post pictures on here.

Rita Jean


Hi, Georgia and Randy and of courser hi to Franklin and Eleanor as well..Glad to have y'all onboard.

Welcome to the forum! Those are some great outdoor pictures in your album! Nice pics of Franklin and Eleanor at the beach.

Welcome to the forum 🙂

Welcome to our pack! This is one passionate group of basenji caretakers.

Welcome to the forum. I wish we had dog parks her in the UK, every open space here is given over to Football of the European variety.


Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the list. We will be coursing our boys in Des Moines in a couple weeks.

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