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    Basenjis have away of doing that.
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  • How do I get my Basenji to go potty when it is raining or the grass is even a little wet. She absoloutely refuses to step on the grass if it is wet
    and will not get off the porch if it is raining. She just lays her ears back, hangs her head squints her eyes and looks at me pathetically like
    she is saying please mama take me inside. Than when I do she pees in the house. HELP. lol.

  • You put a leash on her and walk her until she pees. My first basenji usually waited until he felt we were both equally miserable when he was younger. In his old age he has finally decided that running to the closest tree, peeing as fast as possible, and dashing back in is the best plan.

  • Thanks. She loves to walk and always goes when we walk, I just have never done it in the rain, but I am going to start.

  • clokatys - With Loki I'd pick him up, take him to one of the furthest points in the yard (where he'd be forced to walk through wet grass or rain), tell him to go and then release. Without fail he'd run back to the door wanting to go in, but after a few times of this he would usually go pee. If not, I'd go grab a pee pad and put that in the patio and place him on it telling him to go until he finally did. Now he usually will go unless it's raining heavily and for those times I still offer a pad, though he can hold his bladder an insanely long time when he wants. I also pay way more attention to the sky than I used to, also checking weather radar (which ironically isn't as reliable as just looking at the clouds), trying to anticipate whether it might rain and how soon so I can get him out to potty before it actually starts. That is what probably has helped the most for us. This thread was about what members did to get their B to go potty while it was raining.


    I'd try using the pee pad for your girl. Maybe try outside on the patio or inside the bathroom.

  • Bummer…. I would try walking him. Basenjis have a way of not doing something if they don't want too, but you need to win this battle. A good walk mite help.
    Good luck....

  • Oakley used to do the same thing and I leaned you must walk them in the rain! I always have to walk Oakley as I don't have a yard but when it comes time to walk we do it , rain, sun, or snow. He is sill more stubborn about going when it's wet or raining or snowing…but that means we just have to stay out longer. I do however appease him about not ping down a particular path he hates to walk on when wet (it's gravel) and he has sensative tootsies..but other than that he gets no special treatment

  • Zorro was the same. He would sulk when I would put him outside and stay at the door and whine. When I let him in he would just wait until I wasn't looking or when he couldn't hold it in anymore and go. Sometimes you could tell that he knew he was bad because there was a long trail of pee following him… hahaha
    My boyfriend and I realized we had to go outside with him and walk him. Even though we wanted to be outside as much as he does!! He is so miserable outside that he goes pretty fast!!

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