hi everyone,

I'm from Malaysia. I like Basenji very much and havent got the chance to keep 1 myself. I hope i can have a deeper understanding in this breed before i keep 1.

I used to have beagles, ****er spaniel, chihuahua and also m.schnauzer.

Really happy to find this forum and get as much knowledge as i can.

thank you

Welcome. There is lots of information on this site re basenjis and their behaviors

Welcome tot the forum!!!

Tell us more about your Basenji!

Welcome to our group - are you looking to get one soon or just still learning about the breed? There is an enormous wealth of information here.

If you type into your search engine the words "basenji dog description" you will find lots and lots of information out there - of course, the people on this website are the most well informed since most of us have Basenjis. Browse through the forums and what people are saying about their own dogs and you will have a good understanding of the requirements for having one. They are unique and wonderful and a challenge.

Welcome! What ever questions you have we'll be glad to help.

Welcome to the forum!

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