Hello from Japan

Hello, everybody. My name is Deidara, I'm from Japan))

It's my girlfriend's sister painted))

Welcome and Hello Deidra,

I am Rita Jean and our Basenji's name is Jaycee she was 8 months old the 26th of August.

The picture is really nice I do so like it.

You say you are from Japan so is my mother-in-law. My husband's older brother was born in Japan.

Do you own a Basenji?

I do look forward to talking to you.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum Deidra. What a great painting!! Post a pic of your Basenji.

So. I was born in Russia. My father is from JP, my mother is Russian. I lived in Moscow, than in Sachalin, than in Japan. I've got basenji. It's name is "Betty". She is 13. It's my pet dog. Never been show dog.

Sorry, I'm writing from my work net-book. ..I'll post pictures some later))

Welcome Deidara, we would love to see some pics when you get time. My name is Arlene (I'll just follow Rita Jean's lead) I have three basenji's and two other dogs.

The picture is very nice!

Welcome Deidara. I love the picture.

Gald to meet you and again welcome.

Welcome to Betty and I will be happy to see pictures. You have been at the Basenji a lot longer than us. Any words of wisdom is always welcome. What color is Betty?

My childrens karate teacher was from Russia and his wife. There 1st child born in Russia but second was born here in U.S. Yuriy very cool we would be doing something in class and he would stop and say that must be the american way. He would tell us american way better in lots of ways and not so good in others.
They have German Shepards from Russia and they obey to a T but only if you know how to speak Russian.
I can hardly wait to see pictures of Betty. The name shall be easy for me as my sisiter - in-laws name is Betty.

Rita Jean


Welcome Deidara and Betty, glad to have you onboard. Please let us know more about you and your lovely basenji. Beautiful drawing.

Welcome Deidara and Betty, look foward to getting to know a bit more about you and Betty.
I am Shelley and at present have no Basenji, although we do have another Dog, Max. I had my last Basenji for 11 1/2 years and we are hoping to get a pup after christmas.

Welcome Deidara and Betty! Glad to have you here.

Betty is black white. It is very clever and devoted friend. It feels everything: when i'm sad, when i'm happy, when i'm angry… It always makes me to calm down. So..the best friend is the silence.
That's my dog.

Betty is beautiful and looks so calm and happy. Your very lucky for such a sweet baby. That is nice that she knows your mood and goes with it that is great. Have you had Betty since she was a baby? Thank you for posting the picture.

Rita Jean


She is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to the forum! Betty has a very pretty face 🙂

Welcome Deidara and Betty. She certainly is a pretty girl. Love the oldies. They know us so well.

I have one soon to be 12. The older they get the more loveable they are.

To Deidara and Betty and all the new members reading… be sure to add your info to:
so Sally can add your Basenji to:
All** Basenji welcome at Sally's site. Pets too!!:D

Welcome to the Forums!! Your Betty is so sweet looking

First Basenji's

Welcome Deidara!
I'm Crystal and I have one basenji named Cody. He is about 3 years old.
Betty is beautiful!

Welcome at the forum!

Betty looks beuatiful!

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