• Hi, I've been lurking around this forum for a while, and thought it was time to join (there is a link on the Basenji Rescue and Transport site).

    I have one Basenji, a 12 year old neutered male that I call Robin (he is my avatar pic). Robin was adopted through BRAT five years ago, and he is still as troublesome as a puppy! I wouldn't have it any other way, of course. Upon adoption, I changed my B's name to Robin because he is quite the prince of thieves, like his namesake, Robin Hood. He enjoys stealing food, all manners of trash, dirty laundry, paper products, and of course, hearts. 😉

    Currently, we live in Arizona, but we will soon be moving to Oregon, before I start vet school in September!

  • We welcome you and Robin Hood to the forum. All Basenjis have some Robin Hood in them, some more than others.

  • Houston

    FoxBark and Robin very welcome onboard, nice to have you both. Sounds like Robin might be my Otis' partner in crime..he also loves to steal and borrow things, especially food..or should I saw in his mind, edible things.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum FoxBark and Robin! We love pictures 😃

  • Welcome I like the name very pretty Basenji.

    Rita Jean

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome to the forum! Robin is a handsome boy!

  • Welcome! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you! Good luck with your move and vet school! What a handsome boy…!

  • Thank you, all!

    I'll post some pics in the show off your dog category… as soon as I get photos transferred over to my new laptop.

    Until then, I'll try posting this poor cell phone pic of Robin caught playing with my parent's dog last January.

  • Glad you found us.

  • Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it.

  • Welcome to our pack!
    Stealing (especially paper products) is the middle name of all basenjis 😃

  • Welcome to the forum, give me a shout when you make it to Oregon and I can welcome you to our great state! Will you be attending Oregon State University or Portland Community College for your vet program? Congrats!

  • Oregon has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. My fav is Cannon Beach.
    Its very dog friendly as well. Hope you get a chance to see it.

  • Welcome, FoxBark and Robin! Very wonderful that you are going to vet school, we need all the basenji-knowledgeable vets we can get!

  • Hello,

    And Welcome. I am new to this forum as well but not new to the world of the Basenji: I got my little Red & White girl from BRAT 9 years ago this month. Her name is Zenta (AKA Zeenie) and she is still with me and is the matriarch of the pack. I have recently added a little black & white Basenji boy (his name is Ty) to our family and he is a "Golden Opportunity" dog from a local Basenji breeder: he is almost 3 years old and is being retired from the show arena and not being bred so now he is living with three gorgeous canine women: 1) The Matriarch Basenji, Zeenie (a red & white Goddess), 2) A delightful, fluffy white Goddess named Cali (an Eskie) and 3) A Beautiful Golden Goddess named Tater (a Lab/Beagle mix.)

    We have a happy little pack and look forward to sharing and gaining lots of information from our friends out there.

  • Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome to the forum! There is plenty of stuff to browse through in the forum when you should be studying for vet school…LOL.

  • Welcome and thanks for the pic. (I always wonder why the dogs feel the need to party and play right under the Christmas tree.)

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