• Would like to adopt a young male red basenji. I currently own a basenji/terrier mix and we love her to pieces. She needs a playmate and she does not like female dogs. We have tried big and small and she just prefers male dogs. Have huge yard with doggie door. Lots of attention. Never left alone for more than a few hours.

  • Have you contacted BRAT? www.basenjirescue.org

    Or the two Basenjis clubs up your way? Evergreen and Willamette Valley? Here is a link to the Basenji club of America's website and affiliate clubs. You can find their info there
    http://www.basenji.org/PUBLIC/AboutBCOA.htm#Affiliate Clubs

  • I have had a terrible time finding basenji anything in our area. We live on the east side of the state and there is nothing. I have contacted BRAT and the closest one they have is in California. I will check with the places you gave me. Thanks

  • We got both our BRAT dogs from another state. want dog? will travel. We live in kansas and got our first B from Missouri and the next from Ohio… we just met both half way. two days travel was well worth the babies we got. Well worth the effort. 🙂

  • I just got a BRAT puppy we drove to ohio to pick up and we live in IL. He is the sweetest dog ever. I agree with jonny b. "want dog? will travel"! It is def worth it to get one of these guys!

  • Houston

    Sometimes BRAT will transport or ship the dog if meeting is out of the question, shipping at your expense..but that is so worth it, I think.

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