Photos of Elsa & Rocco

I had the opportunity of a free photo session with a professional photographer for a portrait competition he was entering.

I thought we'd be lucky to get a couple of descent shots, considering that one of his subjects was a 16 week old basenji (heehee :D). Imagine my surprise and delight when I had about 30 to choose from!

Here are a couple of my favourites. I hope you all like them. x

Really great!!! Your pup is too cute!!!

First Basenji's

Amazing photos! They are so beautiful!

I love that first shot!


I love that first shot!

That one was used for the competion shot.

very cute mother & son picture Victoria. Are you sure they really are basenjis, they seem remarkably well behaved - i hardly knew i was holding a dog at the weekend when i held them for you.

Will have to give you Tilly for a fortnight to see if you can make a difference with her lol.

Aw, thanks! Elsa made a right old carry on when Tom was holding her though. She obviousley didn't like me being in the ring with another bitch! Bless! x

Wow…gorgeous photos (of gorgeous subjects)!!! Keep those coming!!

Lovely photos Victoria.


oh my…those are absolutely adorable..and the pics are great too. I love , love, love the first one. Good pick for the competition. you got some supermodels on your hands there..

Beautiful pics and beautiful b's!! Now we need to see the rest of the pics!! (30 you said? ;))

Wow! great photo's and great doggies!

Fabulous pics, but then how could they not be with Basenjis as the subject, lol.
Please show us the rest of the pics, remember i have no Basenji yet and need these to keep me going, lol

Great pictures of your beautiful dogs.

I must try some black and white shots some time and they work well with Basenjis.


I really like the first one.


Beautiful pics and beautiful b's!! Now we need to see the rest of the pics!! (30 you said? ;))

Unfortunately I don't have all 30. I wish I did lol!
The session was free, but I have to buy the photos. I'm going to save up and get another couple though. 😉

Love the pics! The first one especially. Black and white photography can be so much more expressive than color in the right hands. Big fan.

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