The Basenjis and the electric tooth brush

  • My Basenjis love to watch me primping and grooming. Last night, they were curious what I was doing with a Waterpik teeth cleaner. I gave them each a little squirt of water and they loved it.

    Next, the Bs were curious about my Oral B electric toothbrush. "Oh, look, she has something in her mouth. Think it's good to eat?" So, I changed the brush and brushed their teeth without turning on the brush. Next, I turned the brush on while it was in their mouths and they didn't get scared, but thought it was FUN. The girls were standing up, hitting the brush with their paws, and coming back for more.

    These Basenji characters never cease to amaze me.

  • I have always used a battery toothbrush on mine… LOL

  • Medjai won't let me use the regular toothbrush, but he let's me use my sonicare with a seperate brush for him just fine.

  • I've tried the electric tooth brush on my B, he was not happy with me. He put up quite the fight. I really wish I could use it on him as it would really be effective over time.

  • I use a regular tooth brush on Buddy's teeth but when I use the electric myself he comes running when he hears that humming.

  • Will have to try the eletric tooth brush never would have thought to use that on Jaycee. Will see what happens.

    Rita Jean

  • If I walk close to Riley while brushing with the electric toothbrush he runs away, like he's not sure what that's about. So the other day I turned it off and put it on the bed and he did that very cautious, unsure little dance toward it. Nudged it a couple times, poked it, smelled it. I took it away when I thought he might give it a bath, haha.

  • they are peculiar buggers. omar loves his teeth to be brushes. manual brush only, please. but HATES to have his body brushed?

  • Houston

    Otis does have a fascination with my Oral B, so long as it stays in my mouth and doesn't get close to his..manual is the way to for him..

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