Hi Im Lisa owner of Kura a red & white basenji, from Benkura Basenjis litter 07. Kura is a loving wee basenji, who sleeps with me and my husband nightly (as a result of him bringing her into bed as a wee puppy, sleeping around his head). She still comes in between us if she gets cold at night on her fluffy duck filled velvet ikea cushion (Who says we spoil them). We love her like our other child, at times Ryan our son gets jealous if she gets more attention than him! Looking forward to making some new friends for Kura & myself.


Kura sounds thoroughly spoilt, as she should be 😃

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of her!


Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome to the forums. We love pictures.

Hello Lisa, Ryan, Fraser & Kura
Great to see you on the forum. Please share lots of stories about Kura and pictures too.
There is so much to be learnt here. It can become rather addictive.
Hope to get down with Chance, Trouper & Nakura for a visit soon. 🙂

Welcome to the forum, Kura is lovely.

Welcome to the forum it’s a great place to learn about Basenjis and make new friends.


Hi, welcome to the forum, we like pics

Welcome. Kura is a cutie!!
Your "location" has me slightly confused.:o


Welcome to our lovely forum, yes we love pics. Kura sounds like a delightful little girl..

Welcome to the forum!


Hi I've uploaded lots of pics of kura today for you all to see. Not sure how to add a pic to a conversation yet. Still learning:)

We live in Helensburgh, Scotland. Amended our profile. Thanks

Ive mastered adding pics thanks to Vicki.

What a good looking little girl!

Welcome to the forum! 😃

Welcome to the forum! Is Kura your first Basenji?

Welcome to the Forum. I am Kura's Grand mum (human that is!)

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