Otis, pics from a lazy Wednesday

So today we did very little to nothing, we played hard with Bana(she is leaving soon to her new forever home…yippee), we sniffed at the chickens in the back yard and we worked out..hard day to say the least..

Ah-haha! Is he pumping some iron in the last pic?! 😃 He is so handsome - I really like his colors.

Otis looks so very handsome turned out beautiful.

Rita Jean

Well, well look at the big grown up guy! Very nice pictures! Otis is quite the good looking brindle. So Bana found a home. Great job Petra taking care of her!

Great pics, Otis looks very handsome!

Lovely pics of Otis, i love next to the last one, he looks deep in thought. Glad Bana is going to a new home, i'm sure you have given her a good start.

Great pics!!

They remind me of Chafuko's mommy 😃


Thanks all, needless to saw we think he is growing into a handsome man..

He is very handsome! I'm glad Bana has found a forever home!


I know we are very excited for Bana to go to her new home, We will drop her off to her new parents on sunday, they live about 5+ hours from here. She will have a mixed B sister as well as 3 feline siblings. She has had a cat in our house to get used to and she is now not even paying attention to our cat Lucy. On one side of her yard, 6 dogs live, three whom are dachshunds..so she will have Doxie friends there as well, just like she did here at our house, and on the other fence line there are two dogs living..lots of friends.
It is bitter sweet to see her go, but we are happy to have given her a safe place to get used to people and kids, cats and other kritters. She has blossomed into a little queen, sweet as could be and very loving.

Otis is gorgeous! The brindles are so distinctive.

I agree with Shaye's mom, he is really pretty, and just looks like a sweet dog.

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