Hello, one of my B's did a happy flip in a field of grass that happened to have oil spots in it and he is now looking like a red dalmatian…Any suggestions how I can get it off...? As any proud Basenji, a bath is out of the question...:)

Any degreaser will take it out… but I think that after that a bath would be in order

I agree with Pat - and the bath is definitely in order after the degreaser - hold the collar and bathe the dog whether it's appreciated or not!


You have some work ahead of you to get rid of that..degreaser is the way to go and then maybe a conditioning shampoo to restore the moisture in his coat. Fun stuff.

I tend to read a lot of the conversations in the B forums. I'm just a bit cautious conversing as I rarely have a clue exactly where I am.

My Mango hasn't been feeling so good. Vomiting every or every other day. Recently started consistently eating grass (but he's a picky grass eater) and a few minutes later…yuck! 😞 His water drinking is inconsistent. We have been out of our routine for a week or so but his diet was consistent (I hope) until yesterday when I put him on boiled chicken and rice. He fake yawns quite often lately. It's strange. Today he chased his tail so fast he knock himself over. I almost gave him a benadryl as I thought he was having some kind of reaction. Mostly that's fun to watch...today...scary. He's going to his vet tomorrow. My heart breaks when he's not his B self.


I am so sorry to hear that Mango isn't feeling well. How is he handling the chicken and rice diet? I hope that the vet will have some amswers for ou. Keep us poted. If you want more responses, there is a section for health issues, post there, more peeps are going to see the thread there.

I would say use some dawn dish soap, as I believe that is what they use for the real oil spills in the ocean to get the oil off the birds and such.

exactly why i converse infrequently. i'm never quite sure where i am in these forums. it sure is fun to see all B lovers.

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