• So I think I need to get my Basenji a microchip. When outside, I always keep him on a long lead in our yard without a problem. Well I brought him to a father's day picnic with the lead. The party was outside and everything was fine until I went into the house and my family followed me. Within the five minutes my B was alone, in an unfamiliar yard, he chewed through his 1" thick collar, ran up the stairs, and frantically started scratching at the back door. I'm sooo lucky he didn't take this as an opportunity to run off. :eek: He has had some issues with separation anxiety in the past, but nothing like this. I was pretty freaked out. Without his licence or information, and not to mention how fast he can run, I fear I would never have found him.

    I need to know what the best microchip brand is? What have you had success with? I've heard that some are hard for vets to read and some are not universal? I also want to make sure it can be read nationwide.

    Can there be any negative side affects to the microchip?

    Thanks for the input!

  • we chipped both our boys. it was $37 each for our area. i did not get national but you can upgrade for about $15 more. the brand out vet used is AVID. It was VERY simple, just a quick injection. just took a few seconds. jonny didnot make a peep. hansel squealed a little. they have a tag on their collars too. did not get a choice that is just what the vet used.

  • I got mine done at Petsmart pretty cheap. There are actually two tags in him because of two different frequencies. The funny part is one scanner got one tag, and one got the other when getting OFA tests done at a clinic.

  • All of mine have HomeAgain chips. HomeAgain and Avid are the most common chips in the US.

  • Mine both have AVID.

  • Liyah & Brando have Avid and Ruby has Home Again.

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