• Hello everyone,

    Tupper is 6 months old, for the most part he is a very good dog. Recently he has been chasing his tail. My husband told me it might be from anxiety but what would he have anxiety from? He gets plenty of exercise, plenty of cuddle time. Is the tail chasing a problem or is it just him having fun? I can't possible believe that he's bored. Tupper has lot of toys and bones and chew thing that we rotate regularly so he doesn't get bored of them. Does anyone have any imput for me? Thanks as always


  • I would not think that it is from anxiety?…. Dogs chase their tails... even Basenjis..gggg

  • Yeah, of my 3 basenjis, 2 do it probably daily…not for long...just a spirited bout every now and again. :D:D Brando is the funniest to see...

  • Yea.. it is like they do a quick turn and see the tail like it is a foreign object.. never seen in the past….gggg

  • mia does it when she has to go to the bathroom. most of the time that is the only time she does it.

  • Kananga does this occasionally. As other said, its for a quick moment as if they've never seen it before.

  • Jaycee will chase her tail it is usually when she has been playing. First we thought she had a flea never found any. In past month she also thinks its best to sit on my desk to look out the windows. Also in last couple ofb months now I have learned to put my purse up much higher as she gets into it and takes out what she likes that day. Ha! Ha! Also learned that we have to watch because she like the parrots food and he feeds it to her and the shiba.

    Rita Jean

  • So I'm glad to hear it's normal. Thanks for making me feel better about it.

  • Shaye also chases her tail - and when she catches it she sometimes pulls fur out - just playing - she likes to pull fur out of anything furry - thank our lucky stars we don't have a poodle!

  • Jenson and Lio also chase their tails often! they seem to enjoy it hahaha Kalusha and Thirza do it seldom.

  • Trouper chases his regularly. It is hilarious to watch! 😃

  • Taj is a confirmed tail chaser. When he does it, watch out, because he's feeling especially devilish!

  • Ringo, the red I had did it here and there. He would only do it at the house. People found it pretty funny as he would spin really fast.

  • My Nyah does it too! It always takes her by suprise.

  • Only 2 do it in my pack. The other two don't🆒

  • Ellen i'm sure Tupper is just having fun, his tail is a ready made toy,lol.
    Has anyone ever had a Basenji that did a parculiar pattern of movement similar to a cow with BSE.
    Benji used to suddenly do this sort of staggering dance that involved him wagging his head to one side and downwards.It looked a bit like an exaggerated playbow. At the time there was a lot of footage on tv of cows with mad cow disease and we used to say he was doing his mad cow act.

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