• Jesse how do you like the B Forums so far? Hope you like it great people on here and since I am also new great having more and more new people.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome Jesse and Eko

  • Welcome at the forum!!

  • @tanza:

    Have you tried Medfly? They are in Southern California. They have quite a few Basenjis looking to be adopted. Here is a link www.basenjirescue.com And they have many more then what is listed on their website

    Where/who did you get your EKO from? And hope that you will come to our BCONC lure trial/puppy match and meeting next Saturday in Livermore.

    I got my basenji from J & M Kennels in Oklahoma. Breeders are Jerrie and Mitchel Timmons I believe.

    Thanks for the link, Ill go ahead and email them and get more information. As for the BCONC event i wish i could attend, but I already have other plans for that weekend. I hope I can make the following one.

    Thanks you again.

  • At the risk of making others uncomfortable, but since in another post you talked about breeding, has your boy been DNA tested for Fanconi or do you know if his Sire and Dam have had health testing.

  • one second on the internet found me this:


    Scroll down to the basenji

  • Houston


    As much as you would like to have puppies I urge you to do your research first, health wise (and I am not talking are they up to speed on their shots, wormers and all that), money wise ( it takes a lot of money to get a litter puppies whelped, and brought up, before they leave your home), and also have a plan layed out what you are going to do with these puppies (generally breeders have a waiting list of people wanting to buy their dogs, that way no puppies are left unwanted, making you having to spend more money on it then you might want to spend). I am sure there are tons more things that needs to be thought of before breeding happens so please search on the forum for more info.
    It is a big respnsibility and all I am saying do your due diligence on research before you make your descision. I too would love to breed B's one day but there is a lot that has to happen before I am wanting to or am ready to breed/have puppies.

  • Yes, the luxating patella you see there is my Bella's report. She was bought for me as a gift from my husband before we knew much about puppy mills… These people are the same people who bred my girl! Please consider that fanconi, luxating patellas, and other health problems exist in their dogs. These are not things that we want to be carried on down the generations. I am not being harsh, just honest. I love my Bella dearly and she is so sweet, but I fear that the patella will give her problems as she ages... Not something I would want her pups to deal with, so I had her spayed. Someday, after I have learned more about our wonderful breed I might breed Basenjis. However, I don't feel I have enough experience to do that even after three years of studying them.

    I hope I didn't make you feel unwelcome. I am just so passionate about Basenjis that I had to speak up.

  • By the way, who are the Sire and Dam? Bella and eKo may be related…

  • Welcome to our pack - tell us more about your beastie.

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