Today's Photos!

Some pictures taken yesterday when Maya and Delilah came to help me feed the horses 😃

These are some great pics! The adventures of the Basenji and the Pug. Could be a new movie.

I saw a post you did where you said you were feeding Maya mostly a raw diet. Seems to really be working great as Maya has a beautiful coat and looks to be of an ideal weight.

great pics!!! i love the third one!!! action shot! they are so cute together….

Beautiful, as usual!:D:D:D

Looks like they are having a great time

Maya and Delilah are lovely, as is your Horse.

Very cute - makes me want a tri even more!

Great photos!


Looks like she has space enough to trot her royal butt around!! 😃 Love it!! 😃

Oh yes, there is certainly more than enough room for Maya to strut around in - 400 acres of farm and woodland infact 😃

She is on probably 90% raw diet. She has a couple of emals a week of a complete puppy dry food but i do love the raw diet. All of mine are on it and they do really well. Maya loves her raw food 😃 And thanks for the comment about her weight, im paranoid she is too fat (she has rather a squidgy puppy belly lol) as i hate fat puppies!!

And thanks also for the comments about Una my horse. She is just such a sweetie 😃

As always… Great pics...

(I can't wait to show them to my mom, she's crazy about Maya hahaha :D)

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