Shadow actually qualified!

Shadow, Sherwood's Black Tie Affair, actually qualified on his first leg of Rally Obedience! He was doing great outside the ring until a woman brought two Collie's right up beside him. So once we got into the ring, the true B came out and at first he decided he was NOT going to work with me! This was the simple sit stuff! He was more focused on the Collie's. After I stood there and approached the first sign twice b/c I wasn't going to let him get away with it, he sat in a huff. He did resist the sit again on the one step, two step, three step, but once his back was turned, he performed the front/finish, moving down, and sit stay beautifully! His score was 88 out of 100, but he wasn't the lowest and he finally qualified!

Yay Shadow! And good job for sticking it out. 🙂

Yea, one down; two to go!

Congrats… that is super!!!!


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