Zoni Saying Hello

Here are two videos of how Zoni says hello when I come home from work. I couldn't decide which one to post so I did both. 😃

Hope the first one doesn't make you dizzy, plus there are some weird lighting changes with the sunlight. Notice the little swipe she makes at Nemo's neck…very typical.

This one was too cute, particularly the licking/chomping sounds at the end.

Note: couldn't get the embed codes to work, so the links will have to do.

Too, too cute…. I love how she "rolls" her "Rs." ArR-R-Rooooooo She must be French, LOL!!!:D:D:D:D

I love the videos

Soo cute! I like the second one because you get puppy kisses with it! 🙂

omg, TOO cute!!! i like both the vids! in the first video, she's like 'HEY! quit moving around! i wanna hop on you!!!!' but i think the second one wins in the cute dept–those little rolled r's are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! i giggled out loud at her little puppy huffs at the end, too.... 🙂 thanks for posting!

Soooo cute! What a great talker!!! I am sooo jealous! I only have one that talks like that…just so happy with life 🙂

Oh what fun - I'm jealous, mine have never yodeled like that.

Yeah, I'm very happy to have a yodeler now. :D:D Nemo is so quiet. Zoni really only does it when someone comes home or if she is frustrated because Nemo won't play with her. I'm tempted to put it on cue…she needs a trick for puppy class.

I am jealous too! My three put together have never yodeled that much in their entire lives! Very cute, she is darling!

Aaaah.. Cute!! And her tail!! 😃 So Cute!
I wish Tillo was a Talker like this 🙂

Right on board with the jealous. She is soo cute and she yodels more in that short clip than zoe has in her whole life. What a pretty girl she is.

sooooo sweet…

But... you woke my B's.. and my cat... hahahaha
The cat ran to the door and is now waiting for ??? a Basenji probably.. he can't count I think hahahaha

Zoni is so cute…she is quite the chatterbox! :D:D

Liyah will sing when I come home and greets me, she'll sing for her supper or sing if she wants one of the adults to play with her. She does talk constantly to Brando if they are playing and he has something she wants...but it isn't the type of song that Zoni is doing. She definitely sings, not as often as that.

Love it...really cute!!:D:D:D

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