Hello from Finley!

Here's our girl Finley! She's 15 weeks now! These pictures are from when she was 10 weeks and we just brought her home. More to come!

Absolutely adorable! Yes, more please. 🙂

So jealous!!! I want a little girl!

What a cutie - love the "Peeping over, looking cute"…..

She's barootiful. Love the pink jacket 🙂

Ohh what a cute little deer(see why some people say that), she looks like a little fawn sooo sweet.

Jolanda and Kaiser

I always say Oakley looks like a deer..especially when his ear are pinned back a little..those pictures make me think I want another one right now!

Yes, more pics! Finley is a lovely girl. She looks so sweet. Ava wouldn't stay still for pics like that, even at 12 weeks.

Here's a few more. Lounging in the sun and hiding in a fort!

Frog legs Ha Ha, they grow so fast, I envy breeders as they get so much time with puppies over and over again, teacup basenjis may be the answer - just kidding. Enjoy your baby.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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