• Hello. We're new here. Let us introduce our Buckley, a Basenji / Red Heeler.


    I'm sending from an Android. Hope I'm doing this right.

  • Link works! I've heard of "Blue Healer's" before, but not "Red".... tell us more. Name? Story? Did you just adopt him, or have you had him since he was a pup?

  • Hello again! Buckley is our boys name. (I'm Dee) He was my long awaited reward for achieving a specific goal in my health's journey. Once achieved, it took about a year to find and adopt the 1 year old pup we were looking for. Apparently, he was kept in a cage for his first year of life due to the work schedule of his owners. He didn't know any of the basics - not even to go outside to do business or how to sit. He did know "cage" and Nite-nite. He's a reallllllll cuddler. He's been through basic training and we've been slowly socializing him. He's much less nervous around other dogs than at the beginning. He's Sweet. Super Fast. Loves the heat vent more than his bed. (it's in the low 30's here. who can blame him?). He'll be two at the end of May.
    The other side of his heritage is alleged to be Red Heeler, which comes in a variety of shades. I do not know what mix exactly, is in their heritage, only that it's half cattle dog and half domesticated Dingo. I've attached a pic here that shows one that looks more in line with my Buckley but there are many that don't.


  • @deblois
    He is a CUTIE!!! 🐾🐕🐾 Thanks for sharing! ❤

  • I love him! He's so lucky to have found you for his forever home! Bless you for rescuing him!♥

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