• For Easter I made zoe a basket filling a few plastic eggs with her favorite treat. She would pull an egg out of the basket play with it for awhile then break it open for the treat. After a few days the eggs were empty but my husband had so much fun with it that he would take an empty egg and fill it for her. After the second time she had him figured out. When she was done with the treat she would just take the egg back to him drop it at his feet then sit as pretty as can be and wait looking up at him expectantly. Of course he filled that egg again…... a few more times.

  • Whoever said basenjis are one of the hardest dogs to train obviously never spent time with them!

  • That is so cute that Zoe brings your DH the eggs to fill. I'm afraid that mine would just eat the plastic eggs… :rolleyes:

  • They are difficult to train to do what you want; they are also the best problem solvers for what THEY want!

  • Great story!!! Basenjis are sooooo smart! Be careful that she doesn't inadvertently get some of that Easter grass ingested. That stuff is murder on the intestines. My cat got into those Christmas icicles once and we had to take her for x-rays. She was okay, but needless to say, anything of that sorts has been banned from the house. And I am VERY careful with my sewing threads/needles… I am terribly paranoid now! Oh, and BTW, thank you for sharing the pics. She is so adorable!!!:D

  • The grass is the paper kind but I took it out right away anyway. Once the basket show is over it all gets removed. We started getting the paper kind when it first came out because my cat goes crazy over the other. You would think it was the real thing. I had to give up the icicles too. Just the thought of those bring back childhood memories though lol. I think I have an unopened box packed in an old xmas box for the time I'm petless. Like that will ever happen!

  • That is so funny. Smart little dogs!


  • Yeah, I've seen that paper grass! I'm wondering if it was made in a factory FULL of Basenjis, LOL!!! OMG… wouldn't that be heaven for a 'Senji... shredding paper all day long!!!;)

  • That's very cute!

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