• I have noticed lately that so many dogs are in need of homes and fosters. I wish I could do more to help but I am at capacity, or will be very soon. We have 2 girls coming eventually, or so I am told, and then another next weekend. I keep seeing email from BRAT coordinators in need of foster homes and then on here and I want to help. I need a bigger house.

    As a foster parent, I am glad that people are turning to rescue as opposed to dumping at the shelters, but there are just so many.

  • I had the same feeling. I signed up to volunteer for BRAT last night. I can't foster right now but I can transport and do home evals, etc.

  • It isn't just Basenjis but other breeds, too. A friend in Little Rock works with a Boxer rescue. They found a lovely Boxer on the roadside. She was pregnant and immediately taken to the vet. The poor girl was HW positive and didn't survive the birth of eight little ones. Now, the group is looking for a wet nurse. Very sad situations with so many dogs.

  • You can help BRAT even if you can't foster. We need folks to eval dogs coming into rescue, check out homes who want b's, transport, …many things.
    Sometimes, all you have to do is take your b's over to a home that "THINKS" they want one...
    After seeing how the real dog behaves, they decide its not the dog for them..that is a good thing!
    So, please, to offer to do what you can.
    It all does help.

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