Hi from Boston, Mass

Hi all,

I found this site by mistake-was checking something out about a breeder in OK where one of my gals came from, ended up in rescue, and now is with me!

I've got a petsitting business and two lovely tri B. girls, Tootsie and Peanut, who keep me on my toes…..

Welcome to the forum, would love to see pics

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome from CT! I'm just about an hour away from Boston!

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here.


Hi from me & my pups in Ohio!:)

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome from the middle state:) My Katie and Tyler send baroooo's your way as well.

Finding by mistake (or misadventure as our dogs often do) often turn into the biggest treasures of all.

Welcome to our pack! Tell us more about your beasties (and yes pictures if you get a chance - we're addicted)

Hi and welcome to the forum

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