No… your eyes are NOT deceiving you!!!

Congrats Kathy! Good things come to those who wait! And test, and have faith! You deserve it!

Congrats Kathy on the great test results!!! Adorable picture :D:D.

Congrats on the great results!


Congrats on the healthy, clear boys and girls, and oh yeah, they are gorgeous…and I love thier names very cute. It looks like a heap of love..LOL


Congratulations on the results and the beautiful pups!

That is great Kathy! You deserve some good luck!

That is great news Kathy….

Awesome Kathy! So glad that things went in your favor this time. 🙂 How wonderful to have that carrier totally averted with all those beautiful babies. Now, lets see if you can do that twice! lol

Big congratulations!!!

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