• Rio had her CERF exam today. She was not the easiest patient. When she was scratched by the cat over a year ago she learned how to clench her eye so tight it forces the drops right out of her eyes. Luckily the vet student was perfectly happy to bribe Rio with treats to get her to open her eyes and the vet was able to produce all sorts of squeaky toy type noises to entice her to open her eyes. The end result is that she has a teeny, tiny strand of iris to iris PPM in one eye and a small corneal scar from the cat scratch. Now she resting after her hard day out.


  • It's great when there's someone who knows how to handle a dog or cat when the exam is difficult. I had to take my bw Nika for eye exams every 6 months for the last 3 years of her life. They were very good at handling her. Glad to hear it went OK. Luckily that cat scratch wasn't worse.

  • Glad to hear it's only teeny tiny. Nice to hear of a vet student/vet were gentle and managed to make it a positive experience for Rio (and "Mommy").

  • Houston

    Good news. It is always nice to hear of good vet/tech visits..especially when it involves your baby..

  • Good news - both for the exam results and the behavior.

  • I really like the opthamologist at UC Davis. He has done the CERF exams on all my puppies. He is very good with the dogs, puppies, and students.

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