• I'd love to get a pack for my B for when we go hiking so he can carry his own water and treats. Has anyone found a brand/size that fits a B well?

  • I would like a recommendation as well. I usually hike with a pack so I don't mind carrying her supplies but I like the idea of putting a little bit of weight on her to slow her down just a little.

  • I know they're out there, I just don't know which ones are better than the rest. The only thing I can say, is you might want to not let him carry his own treats, or you might end up with a circling dog just trying to catch the pack. 🙂

  • I have an old outward hound pack for Blaze. I know that they have changed the style since I got this one, so I can't comment on those, but this one is great. The back piece is 11 inches, so it works well with his back and doesn't put any weight on his loin area.
    The treats and food go in my pack. We tried it in his pack and he spent most of the hike chasing himself and trying to eat the pack. Now he gets my rain coat in a pouch, sunscreen, bugspray, kleenix, poop bags, any thing else I may want right away on a hike (except keys, cell phone, and GPS unit… The ONLY time I have ever seen him jump into the river, he had to be carrying all of that...) and I attach a small water bottle to the back strap.
    At the farm, when we go for picnics by the river, he carries all the utensils, napkins, and cups. It's a pretty sturdy pack, and has lasted nine years for us.
    Okay, I guess I bought a quick release one and have just never seen another one, so here is a link:

  • I know ruffwear makes packs, but I've never tried one. There are people on here that have used ruffwear coats and harnesses on basenjis…

  • One of the avid hikers here posted pics with their dog(s?) and their hiking packs. I can't remember who it was. I did a cursory search and couldn't find the post. Anyone else remember?? I thought maybe it was Bdawg but I couldn't find the thread. They said they liked the packs and were thrilled the dogs were finally carrying some of their own water.

    Mucky, perhaps you can find the thread. Good luck.

  • Thanks all… the outward hound isn't a bad price. I think I might try that one.

  • REI Makes a nice pack for dogs. Indy has one but don't clip your leash to it. If you want one you can clip the leash to try a ruffwear.

    Additionally…watch the weight, remember that water weighs 4lbs per litre so you want to be careful giving them water. We usually have Indy carry his food, treats, a sweater or jacket, and a toy. And then we carry it when he gets tired.

    We also always make sure that he SEES the treats come out of the pack so he knows he is working for a reason.

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