Hiking Pack Models
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  • She's a pretty standard size: 24 lbs, 16" tall, about 16-18" long.

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  • I'll ask on facebook, see if any of my friends can recommend a brand.

    This site has how to measure. I am not aware of the company, but should help you with what you need. Girth is important for fit, in fact most important


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  • Her Girth is right at 22''. Ruffwear is what we have looked into, since they seam to be the leaders in dog packs in america. 22" is at the bottom end of the sizes of both the approach and palisades pack making them just a tad large for her. Although she hasn't tried on the XS approach just yet.

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  • Thank You @DebraDownSouth !!! We have not seen these packs yet. They are half the price and weight than the ruffwear too!

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  • My friend says the woman who makes them is a Samoyed breeder and as crazy as those dogs are, it should be sturdy

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  • Thanks so much @DebraDownSouth we really like the wolfpacks. Plus, they are fairly local for us, and we like to support smaller companies like them. We ordered one right up! We will have to post a photo of her on trail with it on!

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