• Had a nice weekend camping with the Bs this weekend! We went to a remote location that was on a peninsula with NO roads! I've always wanted to see what Tayda and Lenny would do off leash but have never DARED to try it. Tayda has pretty good recall and not much of a prey drive (wierd, I know). I hooked a 15 foot cable tie out to her and let the other end drag on the ground, cause I just was too paranoid to let her go totally off leash, and she was a perfect little dog while we were hiking! She would wander off a little bit but would always come when I called her! I knew nothing would happen to her, and technically she couldn't really get away, since it was water on 3 sides and a long fence on the other, but the area of the place was still a few square miles, so I still left the cable on her. Lenny didn't get to try, since I haven't gotten him consistantly paying attention to me outside. That, and he has a REALLY high prey drive. But, what I did do, was hook them to each other! He would try to wander off a little to far for my comfort and I would call him - sometimes he'd come and sometimes he'd be too involved in sniffing whatever he was sniffing, in which case I'd call Tayda and that would jerk the line enough for him to come also! Plus if they took off together, I was SURE they would get hooked around a tree or something in the forest, and then I could just go over and pluck them out!

    Anyway, they actually didn't stray too far from me - I was pleasantly suprised. And while we were standing around the campfire, I had their dog bed on the table and they just laid there nicely. Yay! Here are some pics!


  • Great pics - great story! I love the one with you on the picnic table. It's a classic! That's the way Nala lays on us!

  • Sounds like a cool trip! 😃 I would love to try that with my Bs I too am terrified to let them off leash in an outside area but I guess they were safe with water surrounding them LOL 😃 thank goodness for water dislike!

  • What a creative idea to tie them together. It's great you went camping already this year. Spring and Fall camping is my favorite, not too crowded. Love the pictures! Looks like a couple of martians with their big glowing eyes on the table. 😃

  • thanks! Yeah, I was a bit nervous to have Tayda off, but I had some yummy treats in my pocket and kept calling her to me, and she came! By the end of our hike, she'd would let me more than 20 feet from her without rushing back. It was quite cute. Lenny was a different story though, but once they were tied together, I felt confident that they wouldn't run off through the woods together single file without getting caught around a tree trunk or something! They're smart but not THAT smart! 🙂

  • AND, I knew there were no other people, or dogs around, since we were on a privately owned reserve… so no worries about them getting into it with other dogs or getting into other peoples food....

  • That sounds like an awesome trip! I love the idea of connecting them! Great job!

  • I know Jack would eventually come back if i let him go, but not until everyt square inch of the place was sniffed…Im too scared to let him free. lol, he is WAY too dustracted outside.

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