• DH and I have been discussing getting a sister for our 15m old boy. We (thanks to ChaseandZaharasMom) have found a little girl that is available. The thing we need advice on is…getting a second pup will reduce the ammount of time Indy gets loving from DH and I, will he be alright because he has a play mate or will he become a bit love starved?

    Basically I don't want to create a situation where I was trying to do something good for him (get him a play mate) and end up doing something bad for him (not giving him enough attention). Does anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have never found that to be a problem… I have always found that 2 are nice... and they still get more then enough "loving"... and you know Basenjis... if he feels like he is not... he will "push" his way in...gggg And just as easy to love two as it is one... IMO

  • My 2 b's keep each other love when we are at work, then they share it with us when we get home.
    I have only good things to say with my boy and girl being together.

  • We don't have any problems sharing the love between two!

    They don't like to share laps, however, so usually each of us wind up with a Basenji.

  • Two is great! We have 3 and love it, only problem is when all three want to get loving at the same time and I only have 2 hands. They do keep each other company when you aren't home, and no human can really play the way another basenji can play. It may take a few days or weeks for them to work out their relationship, or they may hit it off right away. But I definatelyrecommend 2!

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