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@eeeefarm our room is very warm. We made sure of that since we knew they do not like being cold 🙂 . She was in our room last night and still cried but did not scream like she was doing before. So that is progress, but we took her out to pee a lot (4 times). Also today we left her to get groceries and put Netflix on so she didn't feel as alone, we heard her cry but when we came home she was lying down (we were gone 30 mins). I feel like that is also progress. We had tried the puppy pen but she would climb to the top even though there was a lid and sometime fall, I didn't like that she could possibly hurt herself in there. In regards to potty training, if we take her out every 3 hours she goes every 3 hours, but if she is hanging out or sleeping beside us on the couch she easily makes it 4-5 hours, we use the phase "do your business" but she seems to just know that outside means time to pee and poo. We started obedience training today and it was encouraging to hear that everyone was going through the same things with their puppies (though they do not have a basenji). We are taking it one day at a time. Thank you all for your comments, this is a really wonderful resource.

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She is 13 weeks old. And we cover her crate to make it feel more like a den. Both my husband and I able to work from home some days and we can coordinate so we are with her most of the time, just on the days we can't we need to know she will be okay in her crate for atleast part of day (we are close enough to come back at lunch). I will see if moving her beside the bed helps. And it's a wire crate.

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I hope this is the right place to post. We got our little girl Basenji ten days ago and I feel like we have done things wrong with crate training. She hates it in there and screams from half hour to an hour and half. We don't open the door when she screams and take her out at night every 3 hours to potty, she hasn't had very many accidents. We used to have the crate right outside our room but since we cannot sleep through her cries we have to go upstairs. We feed her in her crate and give her treats and try to exercise her leading up to bed. She is very sweet and lazy during the day. She sleeps a lot, but not in her crate. She wakes up even if we try to put her in while she sleeps. Work is going to start up again January and I am scared she will never be able to be in her crate. At our apartment we get 3 noise complaints before they are allowed to tell us to move, so we are practicing at my moms house for now. I am feeling discouraged and like I am doing things wrong and have been crying a lot myself lately. Please help.

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