I can not believe the amount of hair that has just come off Tayda and Lenny with this Furminator!!!! Wow, hopefully that means it will not be on my couch, clothes, floor, rugs, bed, tables, shoes, etc etc etc….

I used one once on a Golden and it was amazing. My 3 don't have an undercoat so I wouldn't think it would be very beneficial…am I wrong????

I'm not sure how to tell if they have an undercoat - mine didn't seem especially fluffy or anything. They were just shedding EVERYWHERE…..

Yes, they do have undercoat, just not in the same sense as some of the other breeds. I love my furminator! I got one last year because my family can't stand all the fuzz. Mojo has longish hair and he sheds like a banshee every spring. It's not as effective on the ones with the really nice short coat, but even for a minimal shedding breed this tool definitely comes in handy! I try to watch I only use it a few times a week though because it can be rough on them.

It looks like it's just half a clipper blade. I wonder if there's more to it or not.

Kelly your dogs shed???? I never noticed one bit of hair at your old apartment! That was one thing Ondrej commented on when he first met your dog was "there is NO hair in her place or coming off her dogs!"

Maybe the furminator is our answer!

Basenji Mix

Daisy (not Duke) has just recently been shedding tufts of fur along her rear hind quarters/tail area. Cooincidently, I got out the brush today - to eliminate most of the fur in the house. Michigan/northeastern US here - anyone else's B in the area going thru the this phenomena?

Michigan here too. Mojo is now done. (He started early Feb.) Cleo has done a little bit possibly. Roxie is in full blow. She might be slowing down now. Mine seem to have the most noticable shedding on the neck area. Eventually you see some clumps coming off the other places too like the rear, but man the neck never seems to stop! Also I noticed that mine never shed that much until they reach a few years old. Then the yearly "blow" is more pronounced. But those first couple years their body must not have totally figured out what it wants to do. lol

Michelle - That's funny that you mention that! I guess it's just because that was when I only had 2 dogs (and Zoey had left), and it was before the yearly shed. The rest of the year is usually fine, but in the spring there's definitely hair. At least after Mojo was a few years old anyways. And vacuuming is not my thing, I only pull it out a few times a year. Between the dogs and the horses, apparently the hair disappears easily? lol I'm glad I'm not the only one though that doesn't really notice the hair. But then again I lived on a farm? My parents always noticed the hair though. Every time we came home to visit, they would complain about all the hair on their chairs/couch. But I didn't get the furminator until last year, so that wasn't it. (My parents couldn't take it anymore. lol) I have used a pumice stone in the past which works about as well, but I hate all the residue it leaves on the coat, I have to spend more time brushing them afterwards just getting the dust off.

So while the furminator is great, that wasn't the answer back then. lol And my mom would be happy to SHOW you otherwise if you think Mojo doesn't shed. 🙂

BTW, say hello to Ondrej and the kids for me. 🙂 I am having Lenny withdrawls!

I've never noticed much shedding with any of my dogs. And what exactly is a furminator?

well you're lucky!!!!

The Furminator is a hair removal tool… looks like of like a razor - but instead of a blade, there is some teeth - like a comb but it looks like one half of a clipper blade like kelli said. you can google it. I got it for about $40 at petsmart but you can get it online for cheaper...

Kona has been shedding like crazy for the past 8 weeks or so. We are taking her to Doggie Day Care tomorrow and they will do the Furminator treatment and a bath on her before we take her down to visit my parents this weekend. We are hoping it helps. She barely shed at all when we got her in November so I am hoping this is just her yearly shedding. She has also been helping with the yard work since last weekend so she is due for a bath!!! I will let you guys know how the Furminator works on her.

Maggii had an undercoat, as did OJ but as Kelli said, it is a bit different then other dogs with an undercoat… and some Basenji lines are worse then others.... Kristii has "no hair" LOL.... we call her our really "hairless" Basenji...
And this is the time for typical shedding....

This is Furminator: http://www.furminator.com/

It's great for my terrier mix and even for my B (for her undercoat).
I just love it.:D

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