Lost basenji in San Diego

Someone from our local group just sent this craigslist posting. I haven't talked to anyone yet that knows this pup (and a lot of us here know one another from meetups). Anyone else in San Diego who may have seen Casey, or know more?


my friend is a postal carrier a few miles from that area and i just sent the listing to him. He is goign to keep an eye out for Casey. Sad… hope hes found soon and safe!

That's great - mail carriers have a great vantage point.

Speaking of it being a small world…

Just got an e-mail from the owner of Casey to say that she was found. I had sent the owner a list of things to try and one of them worked. Casey came out of hiding to the sound of a diesel truck, owned by a friend, that she recognized. Casey was found after 6 days. A fantastic happy ending!

That is great news…

Oh, that's great! So glad Casey is home.

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