Central illinois

Is there anyone in Central illinois with a basenji? I would love to develop a group around here.



We are in the Champaign/Urbana area. I don't know if there are other Basenjis locally or not.


Hi Randa,

I live in Springfield, IL. My Noel is 14 weeks old. She is so much fun. I was just curious if there were any groups around here. Basenji's are so unique, i would love to meet other families who have B's.

I live in LeRoy which is about half way between champaign and bloomington. I didn't know there was anyone else that close champaign is only 30 minutes away.

We do know where Leroy is. We are actually located in White Heath which is just south of Mansfield about 8 miles. There is a dog park in Urbana. Maybe we can all meet there one day and let the B's all run together.

Jason and Miranda

I think that would be fun for abby she hasn't been around any other B's just her adopted sister which is a mixed breed dog she is about the same hight as abby but much bigger around, she is not near as energetic and agile is abby. So for her to play with other B's would be fun, it just might make her tired. Maybe 🙂

Go for it, a group of basenjis is such fun! There may be a little snarking at first but I predict they will become buddies and enjoy playing together.

Hi,my name is marilyn,my Bs name is gracie!We live in the pekin/peoria area.We would love to meet other Bs.Please let us know when and where.Thanks

Maybe we can all find a mutual location this summer to get the B's together.

Marilyn, I am also gracie's mom. My daughter's name is Gracie. : )

Well it looks like we are all kind of spread out but semi close. I'm sure we can come up with something there is a dog park in Normal over by Normal Community West High School. That is some what centrally located. Like I said Abby has never been around another B so it could be fun for her. I know she get snippy when she is around big dogs!

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