Any Basenji's in Adelaide, South Australia?

  • Hi, If anyone is keen to have a basenji meet up in Adelaide sometime soon, maybe in July - express your interest.

    It would be great to go to the North Adelaide small dog park as it's enclosed and green with lots of cover. Also, I've spotted two other basenjis there previously, and a B / Jack Russell mix recently.

  • We got our basenjis here in adelaide from a breeder. We bred our female and kept one of her pups. So we have 3 now. We normally go to dog park at old Glengowrie high school oval which is now an enclosed dog park.

  • Hi Kenny and Blondie, sorry I never checked back after I posted! Doh.

    Is that oval also known as Hazelmere Reserve? It's not close to me, but it's certainly feasible to make the drive if I know you'll be there.

    We are soon to have two basenjis, so if you'd like to meet our boys let me know when to catch you.

    Which breeder did you get yours from?

  • Yep, that is the one. Drop me a line at: uppers77@ yahoo. Com. Au

    I don't check this site very often.


    Matt and Erica

  • @kennyampblondie

    Do you have a pup for sale?
    If so or if you know where I can get one please message me
    [removed email address]
    Thank you

  • @Sheree, this thread is from 2014. The posters haven't been on this forum for years!

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