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Thanks for all your suggestions. Funnily enough, the last resort which usually works is for me to run in the opposite direction, shouting 'bye'. I just look like a bit of an idiot doing it! I think I will try, as Buddys pal, suggested, training her just before dinner! At least then I know she will be hungry.

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Thanks for all your advice.

Unfortunately she has never been particularly bothered about food so it is difficult to tempt her back. Even at puppy classes she was more interested in the other dogs than cheese, sausage, tripe etc . I had another Basenji who was trained the same way and he would come and even walk to heel off lead!

For the most part, it isn't a huge problem as we usually walk in doggy areas where most dogs know each other but it does worry me in case another dog doesn't take to her confident approach. We also have a puppy and I don't want the two of them running over to other dogs.

Our puppy (vizsla) starts puppy classes tomorrow. The teaching method is new to me in that it isn't rewarded with food but based on the dog respecting/wanting to please me. I'll see whether it might work on Leela too but I can't imagine a Basenji responding to this!

I'm not sure about the electric collar, although I have seen that they can be very effective as one of our doggy friends, a ridgeback, is currently sporting one and has become very obedient! Interestingly the ridgeback does seem somewhat similar Basenjis in that they are quite stubborn and aloof!

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Hello, does anyone have any advice/tips for recalls? My basenji of five years is becoming increasingly stubborn and will only come if it suits her. If there is another dog, person, animal, she will completely ignore me regardless of how delicious any treat I'm tempting her with may be! This is very frustrating and worrying, if I don't know the other dog.

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Hi Ed,

We had a similar problem with our bitch when she was about the same age. She was prescribed antibiotic ointments, shampoos and anti-histamine, etc but it didn't go away completely. We changed vets and they immediately suggested changing her diet. The redness died down and the hair grew back on her belly on the vet prescription diet. I've tried her on a number of different foods since and I think she is allergic to Chicken and/or grains. She's on Orijen food now and her coat and belly are great. Hope this helps.

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My friend in Torrington has two Basenjis next door so I'll try to contact them too.

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Can anyone suggest a dog friendly place to meet Devon/Cornwall?

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I'm based in mid-Devon and would be interested in a South West meet-up if anyone fancies it?

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Hi everyone. Unfortunately the ultrasound image wasn't good enough to tell either way. We are expecting the swab results back on Monday and the vet is looking into referring us to another surgery where they have more advanced diagnostics.

In the meantime I found some other forums where people have experienced similar smelling discharge (metallic/bloody). A lot of these people found the discharge was coming from the anal glands. The vet hasn't suggested this but it sounds to me like this could be the answer. I didn't realise they could produce such noticable amount of discharge from the anus. Because it smells metallic coupled with the timing of her speying, I thought it was probably vaginal. Obviously this needs to be ruled out before any more dagnostics are done. If this is the answer, one thing still confuses me. Leela is still attracting intact males. Does anyone know whether speed bitches can still attract males?

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Does anyone have any advice on how to better leash train. Ayo and I have been walking twice a day everyday for months and he still pulls, Ive tried the stopping tecnique and only moving forward when he stops pulling and also turning around and walking in the opposite direction but , he l well for a while, but I still havent been able to have a continuous walk without him pilling me oof to the side or stopping and jerking. It gets to where my arm hurts after walking… I know I am doing something wrong but I dont know what...

Hope you find something which works for you. I have had trouble teaching my bitch to walk properly on the lead. She is 18 months old and is very inquisitive and excitable. Unfortunately she is not interested in treats at all when we are outside and I have absolutely no chance if she sees another dog as she always wants to say hello. Please let me know if you find something which works for you. In my case I haven't tried a slip lead or pich collar. She gets so caught up in the moment, I think she would just hurt herself.

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Doodle - I only wondered whether there was a previous problem and that was the reason for speying.
Sharron - we do have the same problem here with unwanted dogs but obviously on a smaller scale. Speying is obviously the best idea and is encouraged by many vets. There are too many people here with pedigree and non pedigree bitches who think that its a good thing for a bitch to have at least one litter! Luckily not so many feel the same about their males!!

Thanks Patty. I know that speying is a very divisive issue. Our Bitch has a good pedigree but she is first and foremost a beloved pet. We don't have the experience/desire to show her so had we decided to breed, I imagine it may have been difficult to find good homes for the pups. She has an extremely soft temprement and it would have been lovely to see her become a doting mother but we thought it best to take the responsible route…and look where it got us! Poor girl. I'll let you know how she gets on.

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