• Its like humans who don't get the signal from the brain to keep the body still when they are sleeping, ..so they walk, hit, drive, etc. and are still in the RME sleep…
    Thanks for the video, I have never seen anything like that either.

  • snorky - that's what i thought. i actually found it rather disturbing. wonder what a vet versed in such things would say.

  • Wow, I hadn't seen a dog "run" like this laying down. The part where he was standing with lack of motor control reminded me of when my beagle had seizures. He would wake up in the middle of the night get up and do that. It was so disturbing. We didn't attempt to treat it because it happened so infrequently and wasn't worth medicating him.

  • I would share this video with a vet.
    They can give you a professional opinion.

  • I scared about this video!

    I thought before I played it, that it has to be semilliar to our Ibizan, when she dreams, she's moving her legs a little bit and gives a little growl sometimes, and when she wakes up it's over.
    But thats very little movement..

    This dog looks soooo weird!

  • Another one of the same dog and he runs into the wall. Poor dog


  • This dog is having seizures. I hope her owner gets her to a vet. 😞

  • If this happened to my girl, I would be so worried… I feel so sorry for this dog, it could hurt itself doing this.

  • Those people with the sleep-walking videos have a whole series of videos – it's really disturbing to think someone thinks their dog is being funny when instead it probably is having serious seizures. Another example of someone who shouldn't have dogs.

  • Don't believe that is sleepwalking or dreams - at first it was cute, but as it went on it became apparent that dog is having some sort of seizure - I'd take the dog and the video to your vet.

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