• Hi, everyone!

    My basenji Maca has 3 months.. here some pictures..
    she's very pretty.

    Here with her mom..

  • Welcome! Maca is indeed very pretty.

  • She's very cute! Welcome to the forum…you'll find lots of great information here.

  • Welcome Maca
    She is so feminine and elegante at 3 months, felicitations.

  • Welcome.
    We have many folks who are breeders on this site.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum! Maca is very pretty 🙂

  • Welcome…. what a cute little girl you have there. 🙂

  • Thanks for the welcoming..

    My english is bad, but i can read very well. 😃


  • silly puppy, you're suposed to curl up in the bed.

  • Well.. actually my mums bed its that couch.. muahahahhaa :p;)

  • Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice looking little girl you have there.


  • Welcome and thanks for the pictures. Are there any other Basenjis in your area? I think you're our first member from Mexico so I was just wondering.

  • Well.. at least there are a male but the vet says there are a few more.

    This is the page of the breeder.. a russian woman and her husband.


    Maca is "hungana vorobieva" from Ekelekua Njambo and dam Strong Stael Anita Happy Baby.

    Her father:

    Ooops to big the photo..

    I asked about the Fanconi test but they dont have such test. Who knows..?

    Maca arrive by plane from Cancun.

  • Yes there is a Fanconi test for all Basenjis… And this is something you should have yours tested for if the parents are not DNA tested. Here is the link to read/learn about Fanconi and testing. www.basenjihealth.org

    And from what I see on the web link that you posted, they have links to Basenji Club of America, so they should know about Fanconi and testing and why it is so important before breeding.

  • Please get this fanconis testing done.
    It will give you the knowledge you need to produce healthy basenjis.

  • They tell me that there is no more fanconi because that thing ends with the new expedition for getting more dogs in the 80s.

    Now reading im know thats is not acuraccy..

    Well reading and thinking about this issue i undestand that I can pay for a kit for fanconi and sending back a dna sample internationally.. ?

    I will do the fanconi.. as soon as possible.

  • Yea, good for you!!!

  • I dont undestand.. looking and make some searches on OFA's Site, looks like the breeders ara more worried about get champions, instead make the fanconi test, the "normal" its not having the test..

    In the website of the one of the most important breeders on Spain they talking about the new championship of one of their dogs, raised on USA, and that dog dosnt have the fanconi test.

    I think that the rings dogs have to obtain that healthy certificates for get some champions.. before they have the chance to breed.

  • I know there are other breeders on this site, who will share info with you.
    Maca, every dog who is bred SHOULD have the fanconis test.
    Or they shouldn't be bred.
    Be they show or pet stock.
    This test truely needs to be done on all dogs who are intact.

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