• Hey Basenji-lovers,

    I'm from Mexico City, and at the time I have no dogs… which is sad, I know. The first time I saw a Basenji pic I insatntly fell in love... then I did an extensive reaserch on the breed and I fell in love even more!!

    I have 22 years old and I'm an entrepreneur and stock trader (my own money). I study Business.

    Now I'm certain that the dog I want to be my friend for the next years is a Basenji. Actually, I would prefer a Tri-color male... but if the puppy is cute I wouldn't mind if he is not.

    Here comes the problem, a really big one: There are no proper breeders in Mexico, just families that decide to sell their puppies ocassionaly... but they're really hard to find. Actually... that's a good business opportunity for american and international entrepreneurs, since I know that the market would be willing to accept this breed.
    Well.... returning to the point, I joined the forum to see if any breeder is willing to ship to Mexico City.

    If you happen to be a breeder please contact me: albertovillat@hotmail.com
    Or if you know somebody that knows somebody, please copy this post and send it to him/her.

    Best regards,

    Pd. Sorry for my english, my grammar still sucks a little.

  • Bienvenidos! Glad to see you on the Forums. Lots of really good information here. I can guarantee your English is better than my Spanish. I'm sure you will find the right dog. Keep us posted on the hunt.

  • Houston

    Welcome..Sounds like you are doing good planing for your new pup. Good luck in finding one in Mexico..are there any associations that you could contact?

  • Welcome to the forum Alberto!
    We had a girl in Quer?taro, Mexico.
    She loved her life there but met an untimely demise when killed by a pitbull :mad:
    The guy that had my girl went to college in Mexico, then came tothe US for another college degree before returning back to Mexico with one of my puppies.
    His family loved her and it was a perfect place to bask in the sun all day long!
    Feel free to visit my website, as we have a couple of puppies still available.

  • Welcome to the forum! I hope you will find the right puppy soon 🙂

  • Goodluck on your hunt!!!

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