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    Even though you've done a few periods of being away, it still is a shock to her to have you disappear. She might need to have something like a snuggleme buddy (warm pack you can put in the microwave) to keep her company and definitely lots of toys (especially interactive ones) to keep her busy. Are you keeping her in a kennel/crate or an x-pen?
    Also are you gone for the whole day? 8 or 9 hours is a long time for such a young pup. Perhaps you can arrange some vacation time so you don't disappear for so long right at the start. Have you thought about doggy day care?

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    We all love pictures.. so please share some!!

    You will find lots of good info here!!

  • Welcome! When I read your other thread first I thought OMG, the pup was so loud the next door neighbors could hear her:eek: Then I saw in this thread that it was downstairs neighbors. WHEW! That would be some loud B.:o


  • Welcome, you will find lots of good info here to help you out.

  • Welcome to the forums, good luck with the separation anxiety!

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  • Hello & welcome from a fellow Canadian. Hopefully your new addition will settle in soon without alerting the neighbor.


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  • mia always hated her cage. even when we were there. (and trying to sleep..:mad:) needless to say i spent many sleepless nights or nights asleep on the floor with my hand in her cage:o i got advice on here to cover the cage with towels or a blanket so its dark .. i dont know if that would work during the day or not though.

  • Welcome… Many helpful hints here from long time owners... glad you found the site!!!

  • Welcome, I hope you are in way of finding a solution.

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