Any B owners in the Los Angeles/Ventura area?

We may be heading out that way within the year and I am curious if there are any B owners out there that we could meet up with.

Just turn left when you get to Riverside and head on into San Diego. There are a bunch of us here! 😉

I think there are a few in the Ventura area too. We actually got Fiji when a woman in Oxnard had to rehome her.

Stella Sapios (Astarte Basenjis) is in Carpinteria, near Santa Barbara. She has placed quite a few Basenjis in LA and Ventura/Oxnard over the years.


Hi and yes there is a small group of us here in LA. We meet up on Saturday's around 10ish at the Laurel Cyn Dog Park. The park is a good size located on a hill side with lots of tree's and benches. If the weather is nice we average about 5 Basenjis. It would be wonderful if you are able to swing by one day.
The Laurel Cyn Dog Park 8260 Mulholland Dr. Studio City CA 90046

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