Housing: B friends in the Bay Area?

  • Hello all,

    My two Bs and I are moving to the Bay Area (peninsula or San Jose) in June and want to find someone with a spare room to rent. A household with other Bs would be perfect!

    If you have friends/associates in that area who might be willing to chat with me about housing, or refer me to someone that they know, please feel free to send them my email address. My intro and photos can be found at http://www.lori-stephens.com/SF.


  • Lori, I am no where near you - I am in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC, but if I needed a roommate I would take you in immediately. Your bio rocks!

  • I sent your post and bio link to a friend who lives with her long term S.O. in San Francisco, they have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. They are pet-less currently, have had her beloved husky, and several cats. She used to live in Seattle, then SF, then lived in Sequim so you have lived in similar places. She is a physical therapist and teaches classes all over the country, also very outgoing and friendly, articulate, funny.

    I have no idea if they are interested in a housemate, but thought I would put it out there for them (Sara & Paul). She has been thinking about getting a basenji, by the way, so would give them a chance to be around them!

  • Sorry Lori, my friend is probably leaving San Fran about the time you will be getting there.

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